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Brookside School

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J.B. Speed Museum

THE OFFICE OF PETER ROSE Architects Planners, Cambridge Ma.
Contact: Mr. Peter Rose (617) 494-0202

Peter Rose is a distinguished "high design" architect with an international practice centering on institutional and educational structures. His most famous work is the Center Canadien d'Architecture located in Montreal. Truly one of the masterworks of the late 20th century, it is an exquisite building, functioning both as a great exhibition hall and a wonderful center for the study of architecture. His other works embody this same attention to detail and insightful design sense. Stan photographed three different projects shown here the Chicago Bears training center in Lake Forest, IL, the Brookside Lower School at the Cranbrook Academy in Bloomfield Hills, MI, and the J.B. Speed Art Museum addition in Louisville, KY. These shoots were all difficult and challenging but full of exciting details, visual delights.


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